The “This Strong Mum Charity” was the brainchild of Anj Mittelstadt.

When Missy, Anj’s daughter, was diagnosed with Leukemia, there began a whirlwind of activity involving the treatment of Missy in the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital.

During this time Anj realised that she would have to keep control of many different types of paperwork and protocols for Missys treatments and losing them could delay any tests.

So she came up with a medical compendium to collate all the information that bombards new parents and carers of profoundly ill children. It proved to be a life saver.

The hospital staff were exceptional in supporting the compendiums use and have been pivotal in its inclusion into Oncology departments.

Purchasing a This Strong Mum product contributes to the ongoing support of profoundly ill children and their families.